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We offer beginner through advanced level modern classes. We teach a variety of techniques. By not teaching one specific modern technique, we aim to educate our students on multiple professional techniques, the history of modern, and also encourage them to express their own creativity and grow their movement vocabulary through the use of improvisation. All classes consist of a warm-up, strengthen exercises, and a dance combination.

Our modern class approach prepares the body to dance in a way that is anatomically intelligent. We focus on stretching, skeletal alignment and placement, use of weight, rhythm and timing, patterns of movements and spatial awareness. We focus on strength, control, flexibility, coordination and rhythmic acuity. The foundations of modern dance explore the flow of energy through the body as it relates to space and gravity. In class, the warm-ups consist of exercises that both stretch and strengthen the body by initiating all the movements from the contraction and ending with the release. Students learn the basics at the beginner level and progress to intermediate and advanced classes where they learn complex steps and movement patterns.

In Motion Dance Studio modern dance student leaping