Ballet Tap Creative

In Motion offers combination classes in ballet, tap, and creative dance
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Ballet Tap Creative

First Year

This class inspires creativity and teaches the fundamentals of ballet, tap and creative movement. In Tap, students explore different rhythms and timing as well as basic steps such as shuffles, shuffle combinations, flaps, toe heel, ball changes, the Shim Sham, paddle steps and more.

In ballet, students learn the basics of ballet including proper placement and posture; body positions, plies, tendus, battement and more. Emphasis is placed on understanding technique, as well as instilling an appreciation and enjoyment of the movement. During Creative movement, students use problem solving skills while having fun. They explore different ways to use the body, different floor patterns and spatial awareness. Students learn how to create their own movements using basic choreographic principles.

Second Year

This class incorporates all of the same principles as the First Year but more advanced movement patterns and steps are explored in both tap and ballet. Students learn classical ballet techniques and terminology. Each class includes barre exercises and center floor work.